Quantifiable Cybersecurity with Cyturus

Checking off boxes on a list to meet compliance regulations doesn't always ensure that your cybersecurity posture is strong. At Cyturus, we put just as much focus of quantification as we do qualification, and help organizations break down compliance regualtions into measureable and actionable steps. 

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How the Compliance and Risk Tracker (CRT) Works

Cyber Risk Tracker

It's not always possible to accurately measure cyber maturity from an internal vantage point, which is why we created the Compliance and Risk Tracker (CRT) platform.

It monitors fifteen critical areas for gaps in your cybersecurity framework to give you a consolidated view of vulnerabilities. You receive support and analysis from our team of experts to help you prioritize and remediate risks before they become a problem.

CRT will better prepare you to meet compliance requirements for mandated yearly risk assessments, but also help you stay on top of cybersecurity issues all year round.

3 Most Common Areas of Risk Exposure

Vendor Risk Management

It is no longer enough to solely focus on your internal cybersecurity. If your third-party vendors don't have the same security solutions and security standards in place, you and your customer's sensitive data is at risk.

Cloud & Transformational Security

Adopting cloud technologies or cloud service providers opens organizations up to a myriad of commercial, financial, technical, legal, and compliance risks.


As businesses continue on the path of digitization and become more data-driven, the rapid adoption of new data technologies like artificial intelligence presents security concerns for organizations in nearly every industry.

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